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My team is made of a rainbow of individuals, who come from different parts of the world. 

On my team, we develop our unique strengths and skills together in order to change the world together!

We laugh, cry, adventure, travel and grow together.  We are like a family and we would love to welcome you into our community. Meet our team below!

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Gabriel Fugate aka The Inspirational Rapper

is deeply passionate about healthy living. He is a certified Yoga Teacher and holds a Reiki Level 1, Crossfit Level 1, and he is certified as a Quantum Energetics Practitioner.  Gabe holds a BA in Recording Arts. 

Gabe has spent the past 8+ years in the Direct Sales profession. After investing countless hours and dollars in high-level training, he is equipped with what it takes to bring you the education you need to authentically grow your sales business! Gabe believes that the key to good sales is the same as the key to living a good life...it's all about true heart-centered communication skills. 

Gabe is a recording artist who spreads joy and inspiration to the world through his work as The Inspirational Rapper. Enjoy Gabe’s music here: Theinspirationalrapper.com

  1. Fave dōTERRA  Product - LifeLong Vitality Pack (LLV) 

  2. Dream Vacation - Food tour of Italy

  3. Guilty Pleasure - Sci-Fi / Fantasy Movies

  4. Favorite Movie - Smoke Signals

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Ellen Jeannette Schweikert

is a writer, reader, blogger, dog lover and frequent roadtripper. She loves traveling and teaching specifically about happiness- balancing gut health the natural way, diffusing to influence your space and wearing oils to improve emotional wellbeing. Ellen is powerfully motivated by her goal of transforming the future of healthcare and putting power into the hands of all people.

Ellen holds a BA in Art with an emphasis in Printmaking. She has lived in Portland and Austin but her home base is the beautiful mountain town of Ashland, Oregon.

Check out Ellen’s blog here- https://mymodernapothecary.blog/

1. Favorite doTERRA Product - The Lifelong Vitality Pack Vitamins //  Neroli

2. Dream Vacation - The ultimate USA roadtrip with analog cameras and NO agenda

3. Guilty Pleasure - Shamelessly binge-watching Netflix

4.  Favorite Movie - Thelma and Louise

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Jessica Klinke

is a mom, an audio podcast producer, and a goat herder. She has been using and working with doTERRA since 2010. Her passion for health and essential oils peaked after becoming a mom. She loves using the knowledge she’s gained to help other moms learn ways that essential oils can help support their families. She also uses oils to support the health of her farm and livestock!

You can follow Jessica on Instagram @myessentialmuse, find her Essential Muse page on Facebook, or reach her at myessentialmuse@gmail.com.

  1. Favorite doTERRA product - LLV & Copaiba

  2. Dream vacation - Adventure in other countries where I can get out of my comfort zone, learn something new, and experience a different worldview

  3. Guilty pleasure - Watching HGTV shows

  4. Favorite book - Love in the Time of Cholera by Gabriel Garcia Marquez

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Ri Lustman

is a mom, a children’s clothing designer, a DōTERRA Wellness Advocate, a poet and a dreamer. She is passionate about life, her family, friends and community. When she is not spending time with her children or working on her garden, she is reading and learning new ways to help others. She discovered DōTERRA essential oils back in 2013 and developed a love and passion for alternative healthy ways to care for her loved ones. She believes that there is a healer inside all of us and that we can make the world a better place.

1. Favorite doTERRA Product - Cheer Blend. 

2. Dream Vacation - The South of France and Italy because I love food, art, theater and history. 

3. Guilty Pleasure - Listen to jazz music, especially Michael Franks.

4.  Favorite Book - The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

5.  Favorite TV Series - “Anne Of Green Gables and Avalon”

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Sandra Freeman

has over 40 years experience in energy work and natural therapies. She is a Master Practitioner and Instructor of Quantum Energetics Therapy (QEST™) and current President of the national community of QEST™ practitioners. In 2014 she founded the Center for Integrative Energy Medicine, a bridge for people to experience the healing power of hands-on Energy Medicine through her Visionary Healers Training Program. She is equally passionate about empowering others to take charge of their own well-being through aligning with the gifts that the earth has to offer. Sandra’s doorway into the world of doTERRA was through receiving an Aromatouch Treatment, a life-changing event that revealed to her the power of our essential oils.

1. Favorite doTERRA Product - Immortelle 

2. Dream Vacation - Traveling with family in Indonesia and India

3. Guilty Pleasure - Quality dark chocolate

4.  Favorite Song - “No Frontiers” by Irish songwriter Jimmy McCarthy

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 Amanda Lacy

has her graduate degree in Educational Psychology and a love for learning and inspiring others to live their best life. When she is not supporting students and families in our local school districts, she has a very outdoorsy husband and toddler son to keep up with, along with their very sweet & adventurous dog.

“I always remember wanting to help people and being fascinated with books on nutrition, education, healing and pharmacology. My talents are finding children’s unique abilities and finding creative and evidence-based ways to strengthen their love for learning and sense of belonging and purpose. At the end of the day, it is all about BELONGING. I am coming full circle with my background in Trauma-Informed Care by finding ways of healing both parents and children using tools that have supported my own journey as a new mom. While I have deep roots here in Southern Oregon, I have spent a great deal of time in both Hawaii and Portland, Oregon where my soul family lives.”

You can view Amanda’s doTERRA website here.
1. Favorite doTERRA Product - Frankincense

2. Dream vacation - Reading books, eating pasta and bread and sitting in a vineyard in Italy!

3. Guilty Pleasure - playing rap music really loud in my mini-van!

4.  Favorite Book - A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle

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Mia Day

is no stranger to nature’s alternatives, having been surrounded by homeopathy and acupressure throughout her childhood. Reaching for natural tools has become her priority when helping her young daughter. She is passionate about cooking organic food from scratch and prefers everything fresh from the garden. She has two goats, two sheep, two pigs and one chicken. Mia has a passion for helping people feel at ease and strives to reconnect people through real conversation and a cup of tea.

1. Favorite doTERRA Product - Jasmine, Frankincense and the LLV 

2. Dream Vacation - A Caribbean beachfront house with a private chef 

3. Guilty Pleasure - Buying packaged cupcakes... and eating them all

4.  Favorite Song - “It’s not right but it’s Ok” by Whitney Houston



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