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  • My Green Cleaning E Book bundle

  • J&J Diffuser Blends 

  • Essential Oils for Children E Book 

  • Access to all my resources!

  • Private Wellness Consultation with one of Essential Oil Educators 

Anyone tuning in LIVE will be eligible for special giveaways!

I have been teaching people about natural healthcare for 11 years now, but 2 years ago everything changed! I gave birth to my first child and it was only then that I truly discovered the incredible range and depth of uses when it comes to using essential oils for my family.

In the first moments of Emma’s life I reached for oils so I could care for her.

I am grateful every day to have these natural tools! From boo-boos to colds and everything in between, I have come to depend on nature’s remedies in our day-to-day life.

Because of this, I am giving my website a makeover and getting even more clear on who I am here to serve... and it is YOU!

You are invited to a special live recording of my newest masterclass! Help me celebrate the launch of my new website by coming together to learn about natural solutions in a fun and engaging environment. Invite anyone you know that is a parent or is planning to become one. In this 1-hour webinar, I will share my story using essential oils through conception, pregnancy, birth, and for 2 years postpartum.


  • Confidence in using essential oils safely and effectively

  • Guidance on how to choose your essential oil starter kit

  • Simple recipes and ideas for using oils in your home

  • Instruction on common household items that can be replaced using oils or DIY products

  • Help to save you money, time and peace of mind

  • A community of support as you bring essential oils into your home

After this masterclass you will be on your way to becoming a confident essential oil user. You will know where to get the safest and most effective oils for your family. You will have ideas on how to use the oils in your home and you will be excited to try some of my recipes!


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Hi there, my name is Arin!

11 years ago I decided to start my dream business. I had always been an independent thinker and preferred working gig type jobs instead of the traditional 9-5 but this gig economy left me broke, stressed out, sick, over-worked and under-paid. But more than anything I was uninspired because I was working to make someone else’s dreams come true. To fill someone else's bank account. 

My gifts and talents were purchased, used and discarded for $15 an hour. It made no sense to me and I knew there was a better way to bring my unique offering to the world. I wanted to make my dreams come true! When I found out about doTERRA and their home based wellness business option every cell in my body said yes! Not only could I create something for myself that would last lifetimes but I could be a part of making the world a healthier place. It was what I call a win win situation. I dove head first into the business opportunity and never looked back. I now run a multi-million dollar sales organization with doTERRA and I can teach you how to do the same or use the same skills I have acquired to start your own business.

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