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doTERRA Starter Kits

Are you ready to bring essential oils into your home? It’s super easy: Choose a Starter Kit! 

Beginning with a kit is the best way to start using oils daily and living a happy healthy lifestyle. We have excellent options for you! 

These are my absolute favorite starter kits. These are what I recommend to my friends when they are looking to transform their medicine cabinet, combat a health issue and eliminate toxic chemicals from their home.

Shop the kits below!

The Home Essentials Kit:

This kit is the perfect kit for you if you’re looking to get started using oils for life’s little emergencies. Not only does it have a diffuser with 2-hour and 4-hour settings, this kit has 15ml bottles of the top 10 essential oils EVERY family needs. This kit also includes a doTERRA membership automatically upon purchase!

The oils included in the Home Essentials Kit are helpful in dealing with sleeplessness, anxiousness, kids that are prone to getting sick, breathing issues, skin dryness or oiliness, acne spots, indigestion and pain management. This is just the tip of the iceberg because these top 10 oils are incredibly powerful tools!

Upon purchasing The Home Essentials Kit, reach out to me and schedule a wellness consult so I can help you learn to use your new oils! We will discuss your family’s unique health needs, how to use your new doTERRA membership, and how to easily reorder if you ever run out of your new favorites!

The Natural Solutions Kit:

The Natural Solutions Kit is one of the most prominent starter kits in doTERRA for a fantastic reason- this kit is amazing. When you purchase this kit, you become a doTERRA member and you receive supplements (including the best daily multivitamins ever!), essential-oil-infused cleaning products, bath products and of course, a huge collection of essential oils to get you started.

The oils included in this kit help you eliminate brain fog, calm down when you’re stressed, beat a headache naturally, clean your home the nontoxic way, sleep, deal with troublesome skin issues, prevent sick days, breathe better, diffuse oils in your space and cleanse your gut naturally! There are so many more uses for the oils in this kit but that is a good list of what you can expect when you begin with The Natural Solutions Kit.

After you complete your purchase of this kit, schedule your  free wellness consult with me where we will discuss your family’s individual health needs in detail and I can teach you how to use oils for issues your family has. I will also teach you how to use your brand new doTERRA account so you will be prepared to reorder if you run out of something!

The Diamond Kit

This is the starter kit of dreams. Beyond essential oils, The Diamond Kit has everything your family needs to rejuvenate your wellness routine and makeover your house naturally. From single oils and oil blends to supplements, spa goodies and essential-oil infused cleaning products, your family will LOVE this kit! Beyond single-family use, The Diamond Kit is a fantastic kit for an entrepreneur looking to start a business with doTERRA. You will have oils to use AND sample new customers with as you begin your business journey with the largest and most incredible essential oil company in the world.

When you begin with The Diamond Kit, you get more than just the products- you also begin with an automatic doTERRA account and you are already accruing Loyalty points at 25%. When you set up an autoship (Loyalty Rewards Program) order for the following month with 100 points or more, you also receive 400 free product points- yes, that means you will get $400 of free oils on top of this kit. If any of this sounds confusing, just know that this kit has tremendous value and we will definitely sit down via phone or zoom to discuss these benefits you will love.

When you complete your purchase of this starter kit, schedule your wellness consult with me so we can go over the amazing uses for your new essential oils and products. If you need help deciding or want to discuss this kit further before you checkout, please book a session with me and I can explain the many benefits of The Diamond Kit!