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Why doTerra?

doTERRA brings hope and healing to families all over the world, including mine. 11 years ago, I felt the call to bring doTERRA into my life and since then I have been increasingly proud to align with a company full of deeply caring people who are changing the world. 

doTERRA is…

Safe and Effective for your family

doTERRA oils are the only 100% pure and potent essential oils in the world. We are the only company with a guarantee that your oils are not adulterated or contaminated in any way- a standard that previously did not exist in our industry! This is increasingly important as our homes are filled with toxic chemicals that create harmful effects on the body and mind. At doTERRA we believe that we should have a right to know what we are using on our bodies, and on our children and our pets. Our oils are 3rd-party tested for purity and potency so they will work effectively every time! 

An Environmentally Conscious Company. 

doTERRA sources plant material from parts of the world where it grows best. We work tirelessly to eliminate plastic, create net-zero systems for harvesting our oils responsibly, repurpose environmental waste, and honor the plants we use for our health and happiness. We plan long-term to ensure that our sourcing is sustainable, planting hundreds of plants for every plant we use for our precious oils. We also create natural plant reserves where we are cultivating seeds that won’t be harvested for decades, and our conservation efforts preserve endangered species that are precious to our earth and native people.

Investing in developing communities across the world

We feel great about what’s on this side of the bottle! But incredibly, what’s on the other side might be even better. Before we use doTERRA oils in our homes, before plant matter is harvested or distilled, doTERRA forms a strong bond with farmers in developing countries and invests in them to ensure a long-lasting partnership that will last for years to come. Rather than purchasing land and creating farms from scratch, we meet farmers in parts of the world where the plant grows best and we honor their knowledge and expertise. At doTERRA we wholeheartedly believe in the preservation of ancient farming practices and helping women make a living for their families. Through our efforts, we have partnerships in over 125 countries, over 50% of them developing countries. We work directly with the growers and distillers. We encourage co-operatives, we know their names, we pay them fairly and on time, and we make it possible for women to be breadwinners and landowners. Aside from the oils, we also look to the needs of the communities we source from and invest heavily in clean water systems, conservation efforts, medical care, sanitation concerns, living conditions and education.

A Science Company

Essential oils are NOT just for beauty and aroma! Most importantly, doTERRA is a science company and we have created the only chemically consistent, pure and potent essential oil that can be used in clinical trials in hospitals and universities across the world. We are trusted by institutions that are tasked with the essential health and wellbeing of cancer patients, trauma survivors, young mothers and mental health care of vulnerable populations. We look forward to the years to come, when doTERRA’s many clinical trials become common knowledge as we work to establish our place in the world of science and medicine.